Web Sites
Why should you hire Netslinger to build your web site?
1. We are honest, straight shooters, who deliver timely, reliable service, and put it all in writing.
2. We find the best resources for the job, and shield you from the cost and potential liabilities of having an employee.
3. We have an excellent reputation and over 20 years’ experience creating web sites.
4. What we create is yours to keep, including source code and server side scripts.
5. The talent we hire builds extraordinary cyber real estate and original art that drives in business from the Internet.

The balanced approach we use consistently produces a uniquely compelling web experience that turns heads and changes browsers into customers. Part of our secret is in the data driven, dynamic content and reusable components we have in our library that makes us a cost effective resource. Then there is our creative talent that knows how to determine your audience and design content that is on target. Top it off with the eye candy, which is the icing on the cake.
Ask yourself the following questions about your web site:

1. Does it attract new customers?
2. Does it keep customers coming back for more?
3. Does it seize opportunity when and where possible?
4. Does it scare off the competition or help them?
5. Is it just another pretty face or does it actually earn its keep?
The Internet is still the most practical means to get the word out. Customers that visit your web site are pre-qualified. Smart shoppers use the Internet to do their research. There they can quickly acquaint themselves with your offerings and make efficient use of their time. Netslinger is particularly efficient at building web sites because we have a set of building blocks that we can customize to suit your needs. Unlike our competition, we own the rights to the components we sell.

Netslinger will also web-enable existing applications. No job is too big or too small. We have over twenty years’ experience designing and developing web sites. During that time we have worked with every bit of Internet technology. Chances are, if you have a need or a problem, we can help. We can even help you dream it up and create the blueprint for your project with tools like Visio. It is all just a matter of how soon you want it and how much money you have to spend.
To help you save money, we have over the past 20 years collected libraries of reusable artwork and photographs; and, a set of pre-constructed, customizable, easy-to-use products that will empower you. For example, stuff like a Virtual Store and our Appointment Scheduler can present your product and/or service offerings so customers can make orders or book time online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An Opt-In Email List service will help you build your Internet community and generate repeat business. It is perfect for sending out News Letters and Flyers. And our Real Time Virtual Chat service will enable you to converse with your web visitors in more productive ways than you thought possible.
Netslinger is a full service Web Service Provider, Public Relations House, Graphics Company and Ad Agency that is ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century. We do more with our Name Branding efforts than just create original, digitized artwork for your logo. We also do trade name searches, trademark registrations, and corporate setup. You can rest assured that the image we created for you is uniquely yours to keep, unchallenged, within your industry sector.

After sculpting your corporate image, we can apply ourselves to the marketing and advertising efforts that will generate the public awareness you need to get your enterprise noticed so you can succeed. Then by automating your business processes with leading edge technologies, we can minimize your expenses, improve quality and maximize revenue so your business will operate smoothly.
Our parent company, Cybertron, Inc., has been delivering Internet solutions since 1994. In 1995 Cybertron contracted with Information America in Atlanta to deliver the nation's premier online data warehouse for the legal industry. Cybertron has been developing industry specific tools for years and partnering up with companies like Microsoft and Macromedia to give our customers what they need to control their content. We find it very rewarding to leverage the customer's talents. That way they get the most bang for their buck, and the best possible web site in exchange. It is this provision for fresh content that keeps them coming back for more...
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