Web Security
PCI Compliance
          Our technologies always seek to provide peace of mind not only to our clients, but to their customers as well. That’s why all our credit card processing meets and exceeds PCI Compliance. This is a set of standards required by major card networks such as Visa®, Discover®, Mastercard®, etc to ensure secure processing of online ordering. 
          We accomplish this with state-of-the-art firewall technology and configuration by experts that establishes excellent security. We maintain that security with strong antivirus protection and proper application development practices. All data is protected and encrypted whenever transmitted for processing, and only approved specialists are given permission to manage the data. All this together forms the basis of our PCI Compliance strategy, which of course is meant to provide excellent customer satisfaction!
SSL Certificates
         SSL Certificates used to be relegated to websites requiring tighter security, usually online stores or billpay, or anything requiring stringent sign-in credentials for user accounts. These days SSL is required for any site to have any credibility. The main benefit of course is enhanced security and protection against interception of data and spoofing of sites – many hackers will inject their own site in place of another, duplicating it in every way to convince users it’s the correct site, all while collecting your data. 
          SSL helps vouch for legitimate sites while also ensuring a secure connection between servers. As such, SSL receives well-deserved praise from search engines such as Google, who prioritize sites that use SSL. This has driven change in the industry – these days almost every site uses SSL. Most modern web browsers won’t even serve up sites that lack SSL without showing a blatant warning message first. No business owner wants that restricting their web presence! That’s why at Netslinger we provide SSL certificates available for every site, using the latest and greatest encryption protocols.
Penetration Testing
          Our security methods and technologies would not be complete without stringent testing. At Netslinger we are able to hold ourselves in high regard due to the effort we go to, to prove our strategies work. Penetration testing is one of our main ways of judging the effectiveness of our security tactics.
          Penetration testing is a controlled “simulation” of hacking. It is not the same as automatic vulnerability detection; instead it goes well beyond that and simulates an actual hacker attempting to compromise the system. It seeks to emulate the characteristics of an intelligent hacker whom is using dynamic skills and techniques to try to break into the system. At Netslinger we believe in going above and beyond to prove the security of our websites!
Two-Factor Authentication
          Two-factor authentication is all the rage these days, with most popular sites and services providing it as the newest strategy to stop theft and other nefarious activities. Why would you want to be left behind? At Netslinger we pride ourselves in staying current with the best technology, especially when it comes to security! As such we provide 2-factor authentication as an option for user management with all our sites, and also in terms of managing your own user account for our services.
          Two-factor authentication forces potential logins to “ping” a second device for a special code that is required to login. The most common tactic is to use a dedicated phone number (not using Google Voice or some other online service) and receiving a text message that contains the required code. Without hacking the phone network, it is extremely difficult for this code to be intercepted. This provides excellent security: hackers need to physically have the second device to break into the account. As hardware has advanced it is currently easier than ever before for hackers to “brute-force” usernames and passwords, and it has gotten to the point where 2-factor authentication is basically mandatory for any modern account security. At Netslinger we can provide this security with ease!
Malware Removal
          It is distressing to see how many small businesses have issues with their websites due to malware. Too many on the web have problems with re-directs or other issues. This strains their credibility within the local community, definitely hurts their business and puts unsuspecting users at risk!
          That’s why at Netslinger we prioritize clean websites, ensuring our customers do not fall victim to these sorts of issues. Our tools have an excellent track-record of malware removal; rest assured that if your site falls victim we can repair it! We also take on clients with existing sites with existing issues, if you have such a site don’t hesitate to call us today!
Security Trust Seal
          Our security services would not mean nearly as much without proof that vouches for it! That’s why we provide a Security Trust Seal that verifies our stringent standards have been met, our tests have been done and a site meets our approval. You and your users/clients will have enhanced peace of mind when our security seal is proudly displayed! It provides proof that much time and care has gone into providing a safe site, more-so than not, and customers appreciate the difference!
Automated Back-Ups
          No matter how strong our security options, there is always the chance something can go wrong. With Zero-Day viruses, malware, and other vulnerabilities, anything can happen. With this in mind the ultimate security is something as simple as a backup! Automated and manual backups, on-site and on the cloud, can increase redundancy and stifle the efforts of any hacker. Why be at their mercy, when you can hit a reset switch and show them that their efforts are in vain? When and if your site goes down due to a security issue, or any other issue such as technical problems, with our backup service your site can be back UP in no time. Like a slap in the face of hackers and technical problems that seem to seek to destroy your site and livelihood!
Google Blacklist Monitoring and Removal
          One of the biggest consequences of malware attacks and other security issues is search engine blacklisting. In order to protect users and their own reputation, search engines such as Google try to identify problem sites and limit their access to the public. Hackers can even use this service to disrupt your site, even if your site is impregnable to attack! This can even be a last ditch attack on their part if your site is too secure, often times done out of spite. With our unique services packages and options available at Netslinger, you need not worry about such issues. 
          We provide services of detecting blacklisting, and of removing the blacklist and repair of reputation with search engines such as Google. This is imperative for maintaining page rank. Your competition may even attempt these tactics to hurt or ruin your business by decreasing your page rank below theirs. Do not fall for this! We can solve these problems for you today!
Security Analysis
          Our detailed security analysis is available for sites old and new. We can test the site against our standards and with our tools, to detect any current malware or viruses, and also to indicate if there are any vulnerability that need to be addressed. Often times this is the first step towards proper security for any existing sites that are migrated to our service. After our analysis you can enjoy peace of mind that your site is stable and secure.
Advanced Security Monitoring
          Similar to our security analysis, our advanced monitoring keeps track of your site in real-time, judging any suspicious activity or potential for additional malicious code. After being judged secure, our advanced monitoring works to make sure your site stays secure. It can even tell if updates are necessary to patch new vulnerabilities, and keep up with hackers and malicious developers as they adapt and try new tactics. An extra option, we believe this is necessary for total security!
Hacking Repair
          Restoring a site after its been hacked often times requires more than just restoration from a backup. It has to be cleaned, and settings repaired and restored, and of course patching the vulnerability. Many system administrators find this to be a daunting task, if not because of the difficulty then the workload. At Netslinger we can provide this service for you, taking away all the hassle. If your site has already been hacked, feel free to give us a call and we’ll work to fix it today!
Brand Reputation Monitoring
          Social media is more important than ever before, and reputation has never been so crucial. We live in a world today where every potential client can instantly look up your reviews online, in places like Google Reviews, Yelp, the BBB, and more. Unscrupulous people online have also recognized this and often times seek to use it as a tool to disrupt websites and businesses. Sometimes this can even present itself as a ransomware-style attack, holding your reputation at ransom in exchange for money. We at Netslinger care about problems like this affecting the business community, and offer services to help. With our Brand Reputation Monitoring we can detect fraudulent reviews and lessen their impact on your company’s reputation. Call us today to learn more!
Free Security Assessment
          Already have a site and you’re wondering just how secure it is? Our security assessment can help! Call us today for a free security consultation!
Spam and Phishing Prevention
          Our spam filters are top notch! Using intelligent algorithms to detect new spammers as they are created, our service can help filter spam before it becomes a problem. Don’t let phishing, identity theft, ransomware, etc, happen to you! Call us today!
Injection Prevention
          Hackers today rely on specific vulnerabilities in code and certain programming languages to accomplish most of their work. Whenever code is processed by a site, and especially where it receives user input, there is a possibility of code injection. Hackers can use this to essentially create their own code/web application that can then be used to hack the site or attack other users. Javascript is a good example of a programming language that’s usually susceptible to attack.
          Thanks to tools that companies like Netslinger provide, code injection is much less of a threat today than ever before. Intelligent code can detect and restrict new code from being added from user input. Furthermore, today’s web applications can detect other forms of injection and protect the integrity of existing code. Netslinger has been a pioneer of this type of technology. Let us protect your code today!
Cross-Site Scripting Prevention
          Cross-site scripting has been an issue for years, involving code that gets sucked in from another server/site and included with the site’s primary code that is sent to the user’s web browser. With proper programming strategies and procedures and the tools available at Netslinger this is much less of an issue. Yet another reason to avoid unscrupulous web developers, if the right care is not taken in designing a webpage this can become a major problem. Our team at Netslinger has been producing quality websites for 20+ years; and has the track record to show for it, and always take the appropriate time and use the right coding principles to do the job right. Cutting corners does not always equal the same results!
          Cross-site scripting problems can lead to corrupted user data at best and legal problems from compromised financial data at worst. That is why it is important to hire degreed professionals with experience to do the job.
Zero-Day Protection
          The reality of the industry is that there are vulnerabilities in software at all times. Usually providers see this and make it a priority to detect and patch these vulnerabilities quickly. Even so, zero-day attacks can still be a major problem. That’s why at Netslinger we take this very seriously and have the utmost virus scanning standards and patching possible in our field. If an attack occurs, we have many tools available to get your site back up in no-time. Depending on the level of site purchased from our competitors, they may hand you the site and leave you hanging, with no options for continued security. At Netslinger we believe in touching base with our clients, and helping them keep their security at its best.
Web Application Firewall
          With Web Applications code is constantly coming and going as users interact with the website. With so many connections, nefarious people can try to piggyback malware in with the rest of the code. A good firewall inspects the code, acting as a gatekeeper. Consider your website to be like an apartment complex. Gated communities are much safer than those without, with the gate acting as a filter and deterrent to bad elements. A Web Application firewall performs the same duty, keeping your site and your users safe from harm.
          Not all firewalls are created equally. What we use at Netslinger is tried and true, approved by industry professionals with years of experience. Purchasing from a cheaper competitor can indicate cheaper tools including the firewall used. Don’t fall for this tactic! Performance demands quality.
Website Security Scans
          At Netslinger we offer automatic daily security scans of your website to identify threats and verify your site is clean and clear. We strive to provide more than just a website, we also want to provide small businesses with a strong foundation in the Cloud to boost their productivity. After seeing too many local businesses with hazardous sites, we at Netslinger believe that we have a responsibility to the community to make it a safer, better place. If you feel the same way, feel free to give us a call today!
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