“What’s the point of having a site if you can’t find it except on a business card?”
Location, Location, Location... It is a marketing rule that carries so much weight. This is especially true on the Internet. That is why you need our web hosting service and our web site traffic builders, which can empower you to do this job yourself; but to do the job right, you may need the help of a professional like the SEO experts at Web Site Builders. We have all the tools to instantly create a web presence and the top rankings you need through web site content optimization and pay per click advertising.
Have you seen the traffic reports on your web site lately? This information is available in graphical form with every site hosted at Netslinger.com. It can tell you all sorts of information like how many hits you get a day, at what time of day, and what pages are being viewed, and for how long. It can also tell you where your visitors live or work; what sites furnished the traffic, and what key words were used on the search engine by the person who found you.

Did you know that the search engines collect this key word search information? Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN make the statistical information associated with each the key words available to professionals like us so we can select the best key phrases work the content for the placement of your web site.

I don't want to scare you, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology can get very complicated, and, it requires that we check the HTML code in your web site for errors that may exist, which you do not even know about. We also add HTML code to the site that is used by the search engines. During our analysis, we will look at many different things including the content of your web site and identify the terms web surfers use to find web sites in your industry. We check to see, if the titles, the tags and the page names are in agreement with the content. We will need access to your web site, because in every case, it is necessary to maintain the web site content, if only to create the meta tags and alt tags that may only be seen by the search engines. We also look at stuff associated with your site like key word density. We also register your site with the search engines and create sitemaps and other files for the web robots when necessary. We also run reports to determine your web sites popularity, and we suggest things that you an do to make your site more popular.

With our web traffic builders service we will also provide you with detailed Search Engine Reports that list your web site's position on each search engine for each key phrase we have setup. It also lists changes in your position since the last report, and other factors like key word density, We can even set it up to compare the position of your web site to that of your competitors.

If you have a product or service to sell, most likely browsers are already looking for you on the Internet. As a communication vehicle, the Internet is more pervasive than even cellular phones, given the evidence that Internet Free Zones are appearing in places where cellular service is not available. Because of its unrivaled tracking and targeting capabilities, the web is still the most effective advertising medium available. If a customer finds you through your web site, chances are that they have taken the time to educate themselves about your offerings and they are ready to make a purchase. Because opportunity only knocks once, you need to be ready by making sure shoppers can find you on the web, or you will miss the sale.

On the average, web sites are retrieved less than 10% of the time by a user who bookmarks or keys in the address. The other 90% of the time users rely on search engines and links from other web sites to find your site. It is those other sites that make your site look important to the search engines. It is called having a web presence. Simply submitting your site to search engines may not get your site listed. You need the help of a professional web site builder and marketer to help you gain web presence. It all about building brand recognition and getting noticed to get your site good placement.

Do not overlook this task. It is an essential part of the web design, when the purpose is to attract new customers and revitalize relationships with old ones. It requires working several different angles and other media, if you can afford it, to get your company the recognition it deserves. When we get involved, we will help you select the right key phrases. Then we will modify your content to optimize your site for those phrases on each of the search engines. Once we we have completed this task, we will submit your site properly to get you top placement. Then we will report on your site's position and movement over time, making recommendations to improved your sites rankings, you and adjustments as authorized to both maintain top rankings and boost ranking for phrases that could show improvement.

Of course we have do-it-yourself web site traffic builders. However, it is best to leave this stuff to the professionals. We only charge $125 to setup Traffic Blazer. Because we know the tools, and understand how the search engines built their data dictionaries, we can find the best phrases to use based on statistics. We also have the know how to trigger the correct response with Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engines like Google have their own tools and triggers, and they do not respond immediately. There are also many places you need to register your site, which are not obvious to the amateur. And the, if you submit your site with the wrong content or too often without updating the content, engines like Google may think you are spamming them, and your site will get panned from their search engine.

When you setup the budget for your web site, as a rule of thumb, make sure you should set aside enough for public relations campaigns, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising to get you started. It doesn't pay to build the best mouse trap, and have nothing go after the cheese. Successful startups typically spend much more on SEO, PPC Advertising, and Public Relations than they do on their web site. Building a first class web site without optimizing it for the search engines is a bit like having buried treasure without creating a map. So don't be one of those web site owners that neglected the final task, because they budget did not include this item.

It is also important to select the a domain name that the public recognizes. Search Engine placement is based on popularity and content. Web Site Builders has an excellent track record for securing top position on the three major search engines: Yahoo, MSN and Google. The evidence appears in position one when searching for our owner's name, David Doyle James, on any of the search engines.

Given enough time and an adequate budget we can tweak your content and make your site popular. We can add some refinements here and there, and get articles published in leading online media about your business. With our help you can lead the pack for your key words. Our web customers who have a market niche know that there is no better way to spend their advertising dollars. The traffic on their web site is testimony to this fact.

For only $600 you get search engine optimization setup on your website, including search word selection with meta tags for up to 10 pages and content optimization with alt tags for your photos and graphics.

For an additional fee we will work on getting you some external links, we will even design a public relations campaign around your web site for your company. After your site is setup and optimized we will run reports to reanalyze your web sites rankings and monitor changes in your sites position for only $125 per report. The same fee applies to setup Traffic Blazer on your web site. This is very important, because it is not likely that your site is going to appear at the top of the search engines over night, unless you are a celebrity or you have purchased PPC advertising. Usually, it takes from a few days to several weeks for your site to be approved and appear in the appropriate category.

We provide every prospective SEO customer with one FREE Search Engine Ranking Report for their web site upon request. These reports list a sites position (if found within the top 100) on the selected search engines and directories for the key words specified. It will even compare your current position to your competitors, and it even keeps track of your position from one run to the next so you can see where you are improving and where you are slipping.

Last but not least, if you got the money to spend, you can buy you way into search engine rankings overnight by bidding on the position. This is called Pay-Per-Click advertising. PPC works well where top search engine placement is difficult to achieve due to time constraints or when you find yourself in a saturated market. For only a few cents per click you can get the ranking you want on the top search engines right away. We will help you pick your keywords and setup your PPC accounts for $225 ($75/provider). Add a $20 per month administration fee, if you need us to monitor the funding of these accounts for you.
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