Web 3.0 - The Future
Welcome to the future of the internet! Web 3.0! Small businesses in the 21st century should be willing to surf the wave of innovation and capitalize on the newest web technology.  Why be limited by static, boring web applications or simple user-driven content?  Embracing Web 3.0 will be the key to staying relevant and driving sales in the 2020’s!

The history of the internet can be broken down into 3 distinct eras: Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0.  Web 1.0 was simple content provided by Webmasters and extremely passive.  Users would view and interpret material with very little real interaction.  Most web sites from the 1990’s fit into this category.  In the 00’s Web 2.0 began to dominate the industry, largely due to social media.  Web 2.0 with its incredibly dynamic user interaction changed everything, establishing the idea that users can and should contribute their own content to sites, helping to drive traffic and revenues through the roof! 

Web 3.0 is the next step.  With each era, web sites have become more and more intelligent and dynamic.  Automation and artificial intelligence can enable sites to interact with users like never before.  Netslinger provides web technologies that enable sites to use predictive logic with users to cater to their habits and increase their comfort level.  Many upscale automobiles these days include features such as memory seats and memory steering wheels and other controls that focus on the user, adapting to their personal requirements.  Your visitors should enjoy a similar custom experience on your site!  We also have automated assistant technology that can interact and answer users’ questions in real-time, saving on costs associated with customer and tech support.  The future is already here and Web 3.0 will continue to grow and we will continue to provide innovative solutions!
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