Social Media
     Social Media has been dominating news headlines and the business environment for several years now.  What used to be just social networking has expanded into many other areas of society.  Who these days have never had a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or similar account?  People everywhere use these services to stay current with friends and loved ones, follow their favorite interests, and patronize their favorite businesses.  These spaces on the web demand your business presence! What is a website but an online, digital space for your business?  Social Media is just as important, and we provide solutions to expand your digital footprint.  A website plus Social Media accounts is crucial to staying relevant as customers evolve their habits and expect you to do the same. 

      We had a customer come to us with a successful brick-and-mortar business and a sharp website, who indicated that patrons were asking about their Facebook or Twitter.  They had none, and were saddened to see disappointed customers who expected more.  Too busy and caught up in their day-to-day business, they sought to export their need to a professional service that could create a manageable social framework tailored to their needs.  Why nickel-and-dime something of such importance that drives so much of a business’ reputation?  They chose to hire professionals, who could provide above-and-beyond results using years of experience and dedicated skills!  Who would make their own wedding cake when they can hire someone devoted to the craft?
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