David James
The individuals we employ at Netslinger are certified, degreed professionals. Some are listed in the "Who's Who" for their respective trade. 
David James - Project Manager
Our principal, David Doyle James, is extremely talented. He started producing radio commercials over forty years ago, when he was only 16 years old. He has two degrees from GSU: one in business and another in communications. When he graduated from college, he went to work at IBM and created a kiosk with an IBM Personal Computer to introduce everyone to IBM's first retail outlet. It was such a hit in Manhattan that it was a feature story on WABC-TV. As it turned out, Internet Media is a perfect marriage of his various talents.
       Nathan James - Full Spectrum Web Developer
Nathan is an up-and-coming talent!
Nathan started developing web sites in the late 1990's, eventually becoming an intern with Web-Site-Builders in 2001. Initially a front-end developer he programmed sites in HTML and worked his way up to using GUI applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver (then a Macromedia product) and advanced technologies such as ASP, .NET, Javascript, CSS, and more.
In the 2000's he branched out, majoring in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and developing more web development experience while pursuing a degree at Kennesaw State University. While there, he was on the President's List for multiple semesters, a National Honor Society member, and pursued a statistics minor. He also worked as a Supplemental Instruction Leader being employed by the University to help mentor fellow students in statistics. Towards the end of his education he provided GIS solutions to the City of Smyrna (GA) as an intern. 
In December 2010 he graduated with a B.S. in GIS, and by 2011 was managing fiber optic networks for Zayo Group. Since 2013 he has taken his experience and passion and now uses it to help small businesses hit their stride! 
Nathan James
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